Are you having as much fun on your bikes and trikes as we are? We’re going to keep riding our bikes and trikes right into the month of July—only we’ll be switching gears with a new bottom line.

Last month, we taught our preschoolers that the Bible tells us which way to go, kind of like a compass. Sometimes the way to go is sharing and other times it’s talking to God. We can always trust that the way the Bible tells us to go is the right way to go.

This month, we’re going to teach our preschoolers that God’s Word is with us wherever we go. How awesome is that?

We will begin week one with Psalm 119:11 where the Bible teaches us about hiding God’s Word in our heart. That’s how we can take it with us wherever we go! We just need to hide it in our hearts! Whether I’m at church, at home, or in the grocery store, God’s Word can be with me.

Week two, we want preschoolers to hide in their hearts the truth found in Psalm 139—God made me. We want them to take that truth—that they are wonderfully made by God—with them wherever they go. The Bible tells me God made me the way I am. God made us from our head to our toes, and He loves each and every part.

Week three is another wonderful part of the Bible we want our preschoolers to take with them wherever they go—God loves me all the time. It’s found in Jeremiah 39. When we’re happy, sad, angry, or scared, God loves me. All the time!

Week four, we will introduce our preschoolers to Hebrews 10 and what it means to be a part of God’s family. We want them to know that wherever they go, they have a family that loves them and will help them. The Bible tells me I can be a part of God’s family.

We will end our bikes and trikes adventure on week five with the amazing truth found in John 3:16—Jesus wants to be my friend forever. We hope the truth that Jesus wants to be their friend forever goes with them wherever they go for the rest of their lives.

Whether we’re young or old, hiding God’s Word in our hearts is so important. It allows us to take life-changing truths from the Bible with us literally wherever our bikes and trikes can take us.