Happy birthday, Jesus! Yes, we know that Christmas is all about Jesus’ birthday, but do your preschoolers know? It will be a new idea to some of them. We have the best jobs in the world because we get to share with preschoolers for the first time that Christmas is all about Jesus’ birthday! Jesus has a birthday? Yep, He sure does! And, we are going to celebrate it BIG!

We also want our preschoolers to know that the reason we celebrate Jesus’ birthday is because Jesus is God’s Son. God’s Son deserves a celebration as big as Christmas and a birthday bash as big as the one we’re going to give Him this month! He is that special! 

We will begin week one with the angel telling Mary she is going to have a very special baby. Wow! What a day that must have been!

Week two we will follow Mary and Joseph as they travel to Bethlehem. There, in a stable, God’s only Son was born.

Week three we will hear about the most amazing birth announcement EVER as the angels go and tell shepherds nearby that Jesus has been born! You won’t find anything to top that on Pinterest!

Week four is party time! We will sing happy birthday to Jesus and celebrate in such a super fun way that our preschoolers will know:

  1. It’s Jesus’ birthday
  2. We celebrate Jesus because He is God’s Son and . . .
  3. Christmas is all about JESUS’ birthday!

Week five we will wrap up the big birthday bash with a visit from some wise men. They follow a star a very long way just to worship Jesus. Hey, they knew Jesus is special!

So, gather up all the birthday celebration you can and prepare to party all month long! It’s not just balloons and party hats. We are sharing the true story that God gave us His only Son, Jesus, and HE is worth celebrating!