The Parent Cue is designed to help parents engage their student toward a deeper faith. Each cue is designed around the message series and weekly bottom line. Use the following cues to engage your student in a conversation about their faith.


Week 1: God’s design for sex is better than the world’s design for sex.

  • The space between expectation and reality in relationships can be difficult for middle schoolers to understand. Often, the only idea of what a relationship should look like for someone their age comes from what our culture and media portrays, not from their personal experience.

Week 2: Control your obsessions or they will control you.

  • It’s easy to get frustrated with your child when you see them obsessing over something or someone. During this phase of life, it’s really hard for middle schoolers to control and know what to do with their feelings, so the line between a passion and obsession can get crossed.

Week 3: Value what God values.

  • Your student is watching the way you treat other people. When you’re careful with the things you say both to and about others, you’re modeling what it means to value someone else and you’re setting a healthy example for your child.

Week 4: Focus on you before you focus on who.

  • Focusing on becoming the kind of person they want to be can be an abstract concept for your middle schooler. While as an adult we may be able to work on strengthening our own character somewhat easily, for a student in this phase of life, it can be challenging. Your child can take the first step toward working on themselves by choosing just one positive quality they want to work on right now.

Download the full Parent Cue for this series below.