Marriage Retreats

There are times when a change of scenery and a renewed focus can really be just the thing a marriage relationship needs! Cornerstone Family hosts married couple retreats at interesting locations annually.

Balanced Schedule

Cornerstone Family marriage retreats offer fun and learning. There’s just the right blend of seminar sessions and free time for couples to enjoy time together.

Meeting Others

Cornerstone Family marriage retreats are great events to meet others from our church. Getting connected in a large church isn’t always an easy task. Marriage retreats are a great way to meet others on a similar journey.

Practical Tools

The topics and information shared at marriage retreats can positively impact marriages of all seasons. These usable tools for growing marriages can be practiced in your relationship for years to come!

Invest in Your Marriage

Your marriage doesn’t have to be in trouble to give it some healthy attention. Marriage retreats can be especially valuable even when things are going well in your relationship. Regularly investing in the quality of your marriage relationship helps couples avoid going into “coast mode.”

Special Guest Speakers

  John and Debbie Woodall

We are pleased to announce that the Woodalls of North Point Ministries will be leading our June 2019 conference. The Woodalls are engaging and very encouraging communicators – it’s a blessing to have them with us for this event!

Event Schedule

Thursday June 6, 2019  4:30 pm Hotel Check In  /  7:00 pm Dinner  /  8:30 pm Conference Overview  /  8:45 pm Couples Dance  /  10:00 pm Free Time

Friday June 7, 2019  8:30 am Breakfast  / 9:00 am Session 1  /  10:30 am Break  /  11:00 am Session 2  /  12:30 pm Snack Time  /  1 pm Session 3  /  2 pm Free Time

Saturday June 8, 2019  8:30 am Breakfast  /  9:00 Session 4  /  10:30 Break  /  11:00 Session 5  /  12:30 Prize Drawings  /  1 pm Retreat Concludes


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