The Parent Cue is designed to help parents engage their student toward a deeper faith. Each cue is designed around the message series and weekly bottom line. Use the following cues to engage your student in a conversation about their faith.



Talking about social media with middle schoolers can be a little tricky sometimes, considering some middle schoolers still don’t have a ton of access to devices or social media accounts of their own. But even if your few fall into that category, this conversation is still important. In that case, focus primarily on creating healthy boundaries, expectations, and attitudes now so they can relate to social media appropriately later.



Bullying used to mean dumping someone’s books in the hall or making Marty McFly do your homework, but we live in a digital world. When it comes to online bullying, keep this in mind. It’s not the kid’s job to tell—it’s an adult’s job to ask. Try asking, “Have you bumped into any jerks lately?” A jerk is a stranger or a friend who makes you feel badly about yourself. A jerk is someone who cuts you down with a text or a comment online. A jerk is someone who gossips about you. This simple question, asked consistently over time, can create a safe place for middle school students to engage.



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