Dear Parent/Guardian:

During our Wednesday night student service on February 7, we will be starting a new three-week relationship series titled Emoji Romance and on Sundays, starting February 25, we will begin a four-week series titled Great Expectation.

In both of these series, we’ll examine what it means to build relationships with others in a way that honors both them and God. Our team will discuss issues like purity, modesty, and respect. The conversations will encourage young men and women to question the messages they are receiving from our culture about sex and relationships. Both series will be centered around what the Bible says about these important topics. Sundays will be a little less in depth than Wednesday nights.

While we think these topics are important to address, we realize that there may be some parents that feel their student is not ready for these conversations yet, and understand if you choose to keep your student home during this time.

Thanks for allowing our student ministry team to play a small role in your child’s spiritual journey. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me (Eddie Cortes) by calling 407-892-3300 Ext. 113 or email.

Speaking of the chance to play a role in your child’s spiritual journey, we would like to remind you of the opportunity for them to attend Passion Camp this summer. (June 11-15). This is a fun way for them to deepen their connection with God and their small group, including their leader(s). For more information or to register, visit

In HIS Service,
Eddie Cortes
Family & Student Pastor
Cornerstone Family Church