Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Time to decorate, bake cookies, buy gifts, sing carols. And, in our world, it’s time to teach preschoolers the true story of Christmas—the story of when God gave us Jesus—the best gift ever!

Every year, this story is retold. God sends an angel to tell Mary the good news. Jesus is born. The angels tell the shepherds. And, once they see baby Jesus, they tell everyone! Then the wise men come and worship God’s Son.

We will start the month learning how Mary heard the good news that Jesus was on the way. Week one, we’ll hear how an angel came and told Mary that she was going to have a baby, and His name would be Jesus!

Next, we’ll hear how Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem and baby Jesus was born! It’s the most exciting part of the Christmas story. Jesus is born in a stable on that very first Christmas night.

Our Savior came in a very quiet way. In fact, the first people to hear of His birth were some shepherds out in a field. Can you imagine how those shepherds felt that night? Our preschoolers will hear how a whole host of angels shared the awesome news that Jesus had been born with shepherds in the field. The shepherds hurried to see baby Jesus and then rushed to tell others all about Him.

Week four is Birthday Party Day! Preschoolers will review the entire Christmas story and celebrate Jesus’s birth!

During week five, preschoolers will hear the final element of the Christmas story—the journey of the Wise Men to worship Jesus. Our preschoolers will hear of the special star that guided the Wise Men to Jesus’s home and learn of the gifts they brought. It doesn’t have to be Christmas Day to celebrate Jesus. We can celebrate Him all year long.