The Devotional Series is designed to help students engage with God’s Word throughout the week. The devotions come with five unique verses and five unique prompts per week to help students think about or act on what they’ve read.

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The best part of any superhero movie usually starts when the bad guy seems to have won. Then all of a sudden, the hero saves the day- just in the nick of time! The good news for you is that Jesus is the superhero in your story. He died for our sins and was raised from the dead so that we could have new life. Talk about the ultimate hero move! No matter what you face in life, remember that you have access to the strength of a hero to help you overcome. This week, ask Jesus to remind you that He’s the hero of your story, and thank Him for the way He’s rescued you.


Sometimes in life, events take place that we have no control over. Maybe moving to a new school, or an unexpected illness, or even the loss of a loved one. When things like that happen, life can start to feel impossible. Remember that Jesus is there in the midst of even the unexpected things in life. The things that feel impossible to us? Well, to God, they feel more than possible! And His plans are always to lead you into a life filled with more than you can even imagine. Do you feel stuck in the middle of a seemingly impossible situation? Pray that God would remind you that all things are possible with Him.


Jesus wants you to be a champion in your story! Now if that sounds difficult, scary, or just downright impossible to you, don’t worry… you’re not alone! God is walking with you every step of the way, and the best news is, He’s already won. With His resurrection, God showed us that nothing—even death—is big enough to stop Him. All we have to do is believe! Today, write down just one thing you want to be a champion of in your life. Ask Jesus to help you to do it.