The Devotional Series is designed to help students engage with God’s Word throughout the week. The devotions come with five unique verses and five unique prompts per week to help students think about or act on what they’ve read.

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Live at peace with everyone. That sounds like a stretch, right?  Of course, there are people in our lives who make it easy to live at peace. But then there are those other people—the ones who make getting along and living at peace feel nearly impossible. Yet still, the Bible urges us to try to live at peace not just with some of the people in our lives but all of the people in our lives. How do we do it? We can focus on what depends on us. We can’t control the behavior of others, but we can choose to do the right thing—the peaceful thing—ourselves.


When we’ve been hurt or wronged by someone, our first instinct is often to be defensive. We want to plead our case and prove we’re right to anyone who will listen. The problem is that this strategy doesn’t actually do anything to help the problem. In fact, the more we talk about it with others, the worse the conflict becomes. Jesus urges us to go against our instinct to defend ourselves to others and instead talk to the person we’re in conflict with directly. If you’re in conflict with someone, ask God to help you find the courage to speak directly to them this week.


Sometimes the worst fights we have with friends start over the simplest misunderstandings. One careless or harsh word can cause a complete fracture in a friendship. That’s why it’s so important that we choose our words carefully. Rather than words filled with gossip and negativity, choose words that make people feel good. Those kinds of words have the power to change your relationships for the better.

Download the full devotional series: