The Devotional Series is designed to help students engage with God’s Word throughout the week. The devotions come with five unique verses and five unique prompts per week to help students think about or act on what they’ve read.

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What’s your favorite part of God’s creation? Maybe it’s something like waterfalls or bright stars? Or maybe it’s a puppy or a cute baby? No matter what parts of creation you love, you get to see some of them every day. No matter where you live, God’s creation is all around you. That’s why the apostle Paul says in Romans 1:20 that no one can deny that there is a God; the evidence is clearly all around us! This week, make a point to look around and notice some of your favorite parts of God’s creation.


God calls all His creation to worship Him—even the rocks and the seas! You might not be able to sing like an angel or play the guitar like a professional, but you can certainly worship better than a rock! Next time you have the opportunity to worship the Lord, do it with passion. Let your voice harmonize with the seas and sing louder than the rocks. God loves our worship no matter how it sounds.


God formed the universe on purpose with purpose. He created each and everything with detail—including you! Whether you believe it or not, you are a beautiful part of God’s creation. And that’s something worth remembering! On a piece of paper, write down three things you love about the way God made you and who He created you to be. Then stick that note on your mirror to remind you of how wonderful He believes you are!

Download the full devotional series: