The Devotional Series is designed to help students engage with God’s Word throughout the week. The devotions come with five unique verses and five unique prompts per week to help students think about or act on what they’ve read.

Download the full devotionals below.


Small steps lead to big places.

As teenagers, the excitement of growing up comes with a lot of uncertainty. Pressure from school, temptations from friends, and even frustrations with ourselves—it seems like we always have something to worry about. But in the middle of all that, God still asks us to trust Him. And to do that, we have to remember that there’s a solution to all of the things that worry or trouble us, and that solution is the peace that comes from trusting God. Is there something that you’re worried about right now? How does God’s peace give you encouragement?


God sees more than your mess.

While it’s fun to dream about what we want to do in the future, it’s also important to not lose sight of who we want to be right now. This verse gives us a great starting point for developing the kind of qualities that make us more like God: faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness. This week, ask your parents, best friend, or someone you trust for honest feedback about a character quality that could use some work in your life. Commit to trying to develop more of that quality in yourself this week.


God can change the way you see him.

There is nothing more annoying than having the battery die on your phone, right? Right when you need it, the screen goes black and there’s nothing you can do until you get to a power source. In the same way, our phones need power to survive, we need to stay connected to the power of God to be continuously recharged with His love. When we make an effort to seek Him and stay connected to Him, we’ll find ourselves more ready to face whatever comes at us. This week, find a way to connect with God. Read your Bible, pray, go for a walk, write in your journal, or even listen to music. Whatever it is, make time to recharge when you’re in God’s presence.