Peace is a response to the character of God.

When Adam and Eve decided that their way was better than God’s way and broke God’s rule, they changed the relationship between God and His creation. Where once everything and everyone could be in the presence of God, now we were at odds with God. God could have done anything He wanted,including wiping us out and starting over. But instead God decided to make peace with us. Ultimately God did this through His Son, Jesus.

When Jesus died and then rose from the dead, He paid the price for everything that was wrong and unfair in this world. Because of Jesus, we can have peace. We don’t have to get even. Instead, we can reflect the character of Christ by caring for others and making peace.

Our Memory Verse for February comes from Romans 14:19 NIrV.

In Romans 14:19, we read, “So let us do all we can to live in peace. And let us work hard to build one another.” When you show peace, you are proving you care more about each other than winning an argument.