If you tried to define “friendship” based only on what you see on Instagram, you might think #friendship was all about group hugs, selfies with your bestie, or tagging each other in your favorite memes. But real friendship isn’t so picture perfect. In this 4-week series, you’ll challenge students to build the kind of friendships that go beyond the surface – the kinds of friendships you’ll need when times get tough. You’ll look at three key friendships as Scripture, as well as the friendship God offers us through Jesus, as you help teenagers see that Godly friendships can shape us, heal us, and purify us – especially during difficult times.

Upcoming Announcement:

  • Group Night / Dodgeball Tournament is scheduled for August 22nd.
  • Leader Night is scheduled for August 29th. The Warehouse will be closed as we invest in our leaders.
  • Dodgeball Tournament