The Parent Cue is designed to help parents engage their student toward a deeper faith. Each cue is designed around the message series and weekly bottom line. Use the following cues to engage your student in a conversation about their faith.


Small steps lead to big places. (Gen. 12:1-3 NIV)

Trying something new is challenging for middle schoolers. Their hesitancy to go into any uncharted territory (new schools, new activities, new friend groups) is to be expected in a phase where confidence may be hard to come by.

God sees more than your mess. (Gen. 16:2, 9-10 NLT)

Truth: Your middle schooler is going to make mistakes. They’re going to mess up in big and small ways. As you help them navigate their way through their messes, remember that sometimes the best thing you can offer to your child is grace.

God can change the way you see him. (Gen. 22:2, 10, 12 NLT)

Most middle schoolers are still trying to figure out what they think about God. Sometimes their view and opinion of Him will change multiple times a day! Know that this can actually be a great thing, as it helps them to figure out what they really believe.

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