Construction Zone: Detours | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | February 19, 2023

Construction Zone: Detours | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | February 19, 2023

Sunday Morning, Pastor Nathan Blackwell | February 19, 2023
The Saint Cloud, Florida-based Cornerstone Family Church recently published an inspiring sermon by Pastor Nathan Blackwell on YouTube. It was a compelling message revolving around marriage and divorce, insisting that the people who suffer most in divorce are women. He started by outlining the laws of the Old Testament divorce system, which stipulated that only men had the legal right to divorce.

The men were free to divorce their wives whenever pleased because there were no courts or judges in those ancient days. The worst part was that if the man didn't provide the wife with a divorce certificate, he still maintained full power over her and her children. Nonetheless, a certified divorce was for a woman's protection. With it, the spouse wouldn't return or make any claim on her, allowing her to wed again anybody she wanted.

Pastor Nathaniel continues by insisting that women continue to be the group most affected by the effects of divorce in today's society. So, a divorced woman typically has two options: to marry again or pursue a liberal lifestyle. The divorced woman is ashamed of her past, and even her current spouse sees her as damaged goods, so neither of the two options provides long-term healing. He contrasts the opinions of Rabbi Hillel and Rabbi Shammai. According to Rabbi Hillel, a man should end his relationship with any woman for any reason. Contrarily, Rabbi Shammai holds that adultery should result in divorce, particularly if it is a habit.

Jesus, however, offers his pupils a fresh viewpoint on divorce by referring to the creation story. He views a man and a woman as two distinct, equally-righted people who, upon marriage, become one. He underlines that God despises divorce because it only causes anguish and pain for the parties involved. Jesus continues by saying that divorce should occur when both parties exhibit incompatibility or hardened hearts. But until the situation is grave and there is ongoing dishonesty, physical abuse, cruelty, or even abuse of the intimate relationship, they should start by trying to heal the marriage.

In conclusion, Pastor Nathan advises the congregation to strengthen their marriages and that making the heroic effort is worthwhile. He also counsels those who have just divorced to move on so they can find healing and suggests they think about attending divorce support groups. Join us on Sundays for our live YouTube stream if you want to interact with a community of Christians.
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