Leaving A Lasting Legacy: The Challenge of Suffering | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | May 28, 2023

Leaving A Lasting Legacy: The Challenge of Suffering | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | May 28, 2023


The theme of the sermon of Pastor Nathan Blackwell's on May 28, 2023, was “suffering for the sake of the gospel and the importance of persevering in faith despite the challenges and hardships that may arise.” The sermon emphasizes the example of the Apostle Paul, who is writing a letter to his young disciple Timothy from prison, knowing that his execution is imminent.

The Context of the Letter

The sermon began by highlighting the background of the letter to Timothy, which the Apostle Paul wrote to his mentee, Timothy. Paul penned this letter from the Mamertine Prison in Rome, a dark and depressing dungeon where prisoners were often left to starve. Knowing his imminent execution under Emperor Nero, Paul wrote this letter as his final testament. The letter passes the torch to Timothy, urging him to continue the ministry despite the hardships and potential persecution.

Suffering for the Sake of the Gospel

Paul's impending execution prompts him to address the topic of suffering for the sake of the Gospel. He acknowledges that following Christ can lead to persecution and challenges Timothy to embrace this reality. In today's culture, where the focus is often on a comfortable and prosperous Christian life, Paul's message offers a different perspective. He emphasizes that choosing to live a Godly in Christ Jesus will involve suffering. He reminds Timothy and the congregation that suffering is not exclusive to Christians but that those who stand firm in their faith may face additional hardships due to their dedication to spreading the Gospel.

The Enduring Faith of the Apostle Paul

Despite the difficulties and suffering Paul endured throughout his life, he maintained unwavering faith. He encouraged Timothy to do the same, knowing the Christian journey could be difficult. Paul's words in 2 Timothy 4:7-8 symbolize his steadfastness: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." He exemplified perseverance and dedication, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.


This sermon sheds light on the profound themes of suffering, faith, and dedication to the Gospel. It challenged listeners to reevaluate their understanding of the Christian journey and reminded them of the cost that might come with being a follower of Christ. Despite the potential challenges, the enduring faith of the Apostle Paul serves as an inspiration to believers. We invite you to join us on our YouTube live stream every Sunday to delve deeper into these topics and engage in uplifting discussions. Connect with us on our various social networks at “Cornerstone family church” to stay updated with our events and activities. We are based in Saint Cloud, FL. Please feel free to join us at any time.

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