REDISCOVER HOPE | Pastor Joe Albertini | December 4, 2022

REDISCOVER HOPE | Pastor Joe Albertini | December 4, 2022

Cornerstone Family Church, Saint Cloud, FL. Sunday Service Dec 4, 2022
As Christians, it is essential to understand the importance of our relationship with Jesus. Only through this relationship can we truly experience a deep sense of meaning and purpose in life. Through bringing us closer to Him, Jesus provides us with significant resilience during the storms of life and an ever-present source of strength that His love supplies. At Cornerstone Family Sunday, we strive to share the joys and blessings experienced when embracing such communion with Jesus Christ into our everyday lives!
Reflection: Spend More Time in Christ to Build Hope

Far too often, we give up on hope when life seems to spiral out of our control. At Cornerstone Family Church, however, we believe that no matter what life throws at us, having faith and trusting in the power of hope are some of the most important things you can do for yourself. Our inviting congregational community provides a safe space where all members can rely on being unconditionally supported during any struggle or challenge they may face. With three main elements; joyous worship experiences, personalized counseling services, and dedicated outreach opportunities; we strive to lead others toward a brighter future filled with renewed confidence and hope.
Direction: Important facts about Hope in Christ

It is easy to forget how vital hope can be when times get tough, but Cornerstone Family understands the importance of keeping a strong sense of resilience and perspective when life throws challenges your way. Through their innovative programming and devotion to building deep relationships between members and the community, they provide an essential source of encouragement, reminding us all that three core principles keep us buoyed under challenging times: faith-based support, unconditional love, and looking forward to the future.
Connection: Stronger Faith in God through Prayer

Are you looking to strengthen your relationship with God and build a stronger faith? Look no further than Cornerstone Family! We offer an inspiring live session every Sunday that focuses on renewing your commitment to the Lord. Our encouraging atmosphere, insightful talks, and heart-felt prayers are designed to help you reclaim or further develop your spiritual bonds within a supportive community. Whether you’re returning to church or starting out on your path of faith, there is something for everyone at our weekly services. Don’t wait any longer - take this opportunity to invest in yourself and start growing closer to Christ. Join us this Sunday for our special event on our Cornerstone Family Saint Cloud, FL. YouTube channel and explore what Cornerstone has to offer!

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