REDISCOVER JOY | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | December 18, 2022

REDISCOVER JOY | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | December 18, 2022

REDISCOVER JOY: Pastor Nathan Blackwell Sermon

Rediscover Joy" was the theme of Pastor Nathan Blackwell's sermon on December 18, 2022. In his message, Pastor Blackwell reminded the congregation that joy is not something you can find in external circumstances but rather a choice you must make in the heart.
How Easy Is It to Become Bogged Down by the Stresses and Struggles of Daily Life?

The pastor began by discussing how easy it is to become bogged down by the stresses and struggles of daily life. He acknowledged that there are valid reasons for feeling down and discouraged. Still, he encouraged the congregation to remember that joy is a fruit of the Spirit and is available to all believers.
What Is Joy? And How Is It Different From Happiness?

Pastor Blackwell then spoke about how joy is different from happiness. He explained that happiness is often based on temporary circumstances, while joy is a deep-seated contentment that comes from knowing and trusting in God. The pastor reminded the congregation that even amid challenging circumstances, believers could choose to have joy because they know God is in control and working for their good.
How Do You Rediscover Joy?

The pastor also discussed how you could rediscover joy by focusing on God's goodness and faithfulness. He encouraged the congregation to make a habit of regularly reflecting on the blessings in their lives and giving thanks to God for them. He also emphasized the importance of prayer and reading the Bible, as these practices help keep our hearts and minds focused on God and His promises.

Pastor Blackwell closed his message with a call to action, urging the congregation to choose joy in their everyday lives actively. He reminded them that joy is not something that happens but rather a decision that must be made and nurtured. By making this choice and focusing on God's goodness and faithfulness, the congregation could rediscover the joy available to them as believers in Jesus Christ.

The sermon was a powerful reminder of the importance of choosing joy in our lives and how it reflects our trust and faith in God. It reminded us that joy is a state of mind, and we can have it even in the most challenging circumstances by focusing on the goodness and faithfulness of God. It was a timely message that encouraged us to rediscover the joy in our lives.

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