REDISCOVER LOVE | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | December 24, 2020

REDISCOVER LOVE | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | December 24, 2020

Rediscovering the True Meaning of Christmas: Pastor Nathan Blackwell

During the special holiday season, we are reminded of the true meaning of Christmas - love. As Pastor Nathan Blackwell puts it in his stirring sermon, "Christmas is not about Santa Claus, it's about Jesus." In his message on December 24th, Pastor Blackwell leads us to rediscover the gift of love that God gave us in the form of His son Jesus Christ. Let's explore what it means to "unwrap the gift of love" and how we can celebrate the true spirit of Christmas today.

The first Christmas began when Jesus left heaven and came to Earth according to First John Chapter 4, verses 9 and 12. God sent His son as a sacrifice so that He could take away our sins (Luke chapter 2 verse 11). This was a gift of love in terms of salvation, and it's still available for those who choose to accept it today. Becoming a Christian is simple; you must admit that you need a savior and commit to a relationship with Jesus Christ. God knows everything about you—good, bad, or ugly—and He still loves you unconditionally.

On this special day, Pastor Nathan Blackwell at the Saint Cloud church reminds us on the true meaning of love, commitment, loving imperfections and how wonderful it is to walk with Christ.
Don’t miss out on his teachings, give the gift of love by encouraging users to join us on YouTube live stream on Sundays and other social networks from the church's perspective. Through these online outlets, we can take part in meaningful conversations with each other while also deepening our relationship with Christ through prayer and worship services. As we give thanks for this incredible gift of grace, let us continue to share its beauty with one another throughout the seasons and beyond!


As Christians around the world celebrate Christmas this year, let us never forget why this day holds such great significance for our faith - because God loved us enough to give us an everlasting gift - His son! Whether you are joining one of our online services at Saint Cloud Church or gathering with family at home, may you experience joy and peace as we rediscover the true meaning behind Christmas Day - LOVE! Happy Holidays! May God Bless You All!

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