REDISCOVER PEACE | Pastor Hal Gaudet | December 11, 2022

REDISCOVER PEACE | Pastor Hal Gaudet | December 11, 2022

Sunday Morning, December 11, 2022
Are you looking for a spiritual boost in your life? We have something that could help: the sermon from Cornerstone Family Church's last service! Our pastor, Pastor Hal Gaudet, passionately shared his message on "Peace." Through this enlightening and engaging homily, we can gain actionable insight into how best to live our lives so that we may be rewarded with our ultimate prize: an eternity in Heaven.

Peace in God’s Word

We all search for peace in our lives, whether consciously aware of it or not. It is an elusive quality that guides us and yet seems to elude us until we find a deep sense of inner peace that transcends physical environment, social constructions, and even difficult circumstances. This week's sermon at Cornerstone Family centered on finding true Peace through God's wisdom and grace. Pastor Hal provided thoughtful insights into what this kind of peacefulness can look like in our modern lives and how we can pursue it with faithfulness and purpose. We invite you to join us as he takes a deeper dive into finding peace through faith as we explore "The Peace That Passes All Understanding" and what it means to live peacefully in today's world.

Jesus’s Peace at Cornerstone Family

Cornerstone Family Church is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, family-focused church in Saint Cloud, Florida. We exist to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Joining a community of Jesus-followers puts us in a position to receive the love and encouragement we need to flourish. This page will support and motivate your need to thrive in Christ. We are a welcoming congregation that celebrates the uniqueness of each person. We believe that when people come together to follow Jesus, they can create powerful change in the world. We invite you to join us on Sundays and on other social networks for worship, teaching, and fellowship. Hopefully, this page will support and encourage you as you seek to grow in God’s word as we await the coming of our Savior.

Fellowship with us on our Channel

So tune in to this YouTube video of our last sermon and hear Pastor Hal discuss why peace is necessary to receive God's reward and get inspired today!
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