THE POWER OF AND | Pastor Joe Albertini | October 16, 2022

THE POWER OF AND | Pastor Joe Albertini | October 16, 2022

Sunday Morning, October 16, 2022
Pastor Joe Albertini of Cornerstone Family Church in Saint Cloud, Florida, brought a powerful message on showing Jesus’ compassion to a hurting world. He encouraged believers to follow the example set by the Lord to let compassion rise in their hearts to the point where it moves their muscles.

Pastor began by telling his story of sponsoring a boy through Compassion International in Tanzania. While admitting how he could use the money he gives to support the young man for other things, he reminded listeners that you would never regret doing the right thing when you show compassion to others. He says that while he may never meet the boy, he prays for him and sends presents regularly. He is prayerful that he will get to meet him in heaven someday.

Then, he turned his attention to three examples found in the Bible to showcase how Jesus did not see crowds but viewed individuals as if capturing them through a zoom lens. His illustrations were restoring sight to the blind, healing leprosy and feeding 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fish.

Pastor concluded his sermon by encouraging Christians to show compassion for those around them even when it is not convenient. He urged believers to follow the pattern set by Jesus. The first step of the pattern is to see people as individuals who need help. The second step is to let compassion well up in your heart. The final step is to let compassion move your muscles to help those around you. It could be fixing a meal for someone ill, repairing a truck for someone in need or visiting someone in the hospital. He repeatedly cautioned believers to follow the pattern even if they think they have a different plan for the day. He further warned that you could not fix anybody because that is God’s job.

The sermon concluded with a timely reminder that God showed compassion for us while we were yet sinners. He saw us in our broken state and sent Jesus to take on our sins and die on the cross for those willing to accept Christ’s compassion.

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