IN THEN THROUGH | Pastor Zach Evans | October 2, 2022

IN THEN THROUGH | Pastor Zach Evans | October 2, 2022

Sunday Morning, October 2, 2022
At Cornerstone Family Church, we believe in connecting and fellowshipping together for a better Christian walk. We always create a family of believers who can challenge you to improve your relationship with Jesus Christ. You can find our physical sanctuary in Saint Cloud, FL. However, you can also join our Sunday services live on YouTube and be part of this family.

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, we had a beautiful time in God’s presence. Here is a sneak peek of our sermon from 1 Samuel chapter 3.

Preparation Comes with Purpose
God always ensures that what you go through in life prepares you for what He has in store for you. Hannah had a hard time with her co-wife, but she took all her pain and frustration to God. Since God has a plan for your life, you need to trust Him and allow Him to turn your life into a purposeful existence.

God also ensured that Samuel lived in the temple with Eli to prepare him for ministry. Samuel needed Eli in his life so that he could learn about God and get a platform to interact with divinity. In the same way, for you to serve your purpose in life, you need to know how to interact with God and build your spiritual muscles.

You Need a Christian Community
When God began calling Samuel, the boy didn’t know how to differentiate the voice of God and Eli. The first two times that he heard the voice, Samuel ran to Eli. By the third time, Eli discovered that it was God calling the boy and showed him how to respond to God’s voice.

As a believer, you need people around you to help you identify God’s call and how to respond to it. In many instances, the believers’ community can identify something in you that you do not know about. They can also help you understand which path to follow and strengthen you to do God’s will.

Your Secluded Place
In verse nine, we see that Samuel returned to his place. This is a key point in that scripture because it shows that Samuel heard God when he was alone and not next to Eli, the priest. Sometimes God needs us to seclude ourselves and get time with Him alone.

Putting away all the distractions that may become conflicting voices can help us hear God. Go to your place of prayer, having put away everything that may catch your attention and cause you to miss the voice of God.

The above is just a part of the sermon, and we encourage you to visit our YouTube page and watch the entire video. You can also find other sermons that will bless and uplift your spirit. Whether you live in Saint Cloud or not, you can become part of our community and enjoy the love of Christ.
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