ZOOM LENS | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | September 25, 2022

ZOOM LENS | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | September 25, 2022

Just like a freshly painted mural, the artist takes a step back to review their work and realizes there's room for improving their masterpiece. No matter where you are in your life's journey, whether the path is without detours or the route is full of catastrophe, Cornerstone Family Church in Saint Cloud, Fl. is waiting for you.

A church in Saint Cloud, Fl., that talks to those who are lost, addresses poverty, and encourages a supportive community is here! Our ideology is people need direction, and the Cornerstone Family Church would love to be the vessel through which you find enlightenment.

We understand that losing a relationship with God is possible and may lead to obstacles that keep us from financial freedom, happiness in our relationships, or a disconnect with family. The Cornerstone Family Church has not positioned itself to condemn others. Instead, we are present to educate and serve our community, and inspiring a personal relationship with Christ is significant in the process.

The Cornerstone Family Church wants to give you and the community love until Jesus shows himself in your life. Helping to view people the way Jesus meant for us to see one another doesn't happen overnight or without assistance, but it has happened in our services.

Our close-knit church cares enough to pray for all. We also persuade our community to focus on "the one" in their circle who needs special attention because a dark event has ripped through their lives. Cornerstone believes in the power of prayer and that God sometimes gives you abilities beyond your expectations that will change "the one's" heart.

All you have to do is be willing to start. At our services, Cornerstone has people on deck with study guides and smiles, waiting to direct you to knowledge. We know how millennials move, so in addition to walk-in services, we've created a six-week course to lessons in our study guides.

The Cornerstone Family Church is a family. We don't just talk, we walk the road to righteousness with you. We don't sermonize the life we see for you, but one Christ envisions. Our services are informative, thoughtful, and warm-hearted, and we believe that a community with Jesus delivers a healthy environment and future. Consider improvement an investment, and let us be the Cornerstone of your mind, body, and soul.
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