The Plan of Prayer | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | August 20, 2023

The Plan of Prayer | Pastor Nathan Blackwell | August 20, 2023

Prayer Plan by Pastor Nathan Blackwell
Prayer Plan. Luke 11:5-10

A powerful prayer plan is presented by Pastor Nathan Blackwell of Cornerstone Family Church for spiritual break through and communion with God. In-depth discussion of his perceptive praying plan is provided in this piece, which provides direction and motivation for readers looking to develop a stronger sense of prayer.

1. Pray Personally

Pastor Nathan Blackwell explores the fundamentals of personal prayer by using Luke 11:9. Blackwell emphasizes that prayer is a very personal conversation with God in which people can openly express their needs and wants. Prayer is not only a potent instrument but also a one-on-one interaction with God and should be a personal priority for every Christian. It involves a personal decision and takes work to do it consistently and spiritual sweat but for spiritual break through in life one must be willing to make prayer a personal priority.

2. Pray Purposely

In this sermon, Pastor Nathan Blackwell at Cornerstone Family Church explains the importance of deliberate and purposeful prayer. The text urges believers to search with resolve and intention by drawing inspiration from Luke 11:5. He encourages use of this strategy to help match Christians petitions with God's purpose and desire. He emphasizes the transforming power of objective and focused prayer, and should tell God why you are there and what is in your heart. Through this lens, he advises people to consider prayer as a purposeful conversation with God and should intentionally make a focused prayer. Christians should not only express their needs to God but also strengthen their relationship with Him by attempting to act in accordance with His purposes for us.

3. Pray Persistently

In his analysis of Luke 11:8–9, Pastor Nathan Blackwell at Saint Cloud sheds light on the idea of steadfast prayer. Blackwell uses the parable of the persistent friend to illustrate how believers are urged to approach God with unchanging resolve, just as the friend's persistence caused the door to open. He demonstrates the skill of persistent prayer by weaving Luke 11:8–9 together—consistently bringing our needs before God in the confidence that He will answer. Blackwell’s observations serve as a reminder that steadfast prayer is a demonstration of faith in God's sovereignty and discernment. Through this viewpoint, Christians can experience the transforming power of persistent prayer without being hindered.

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