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Study Guide Description

Experience the emotional journey of Episode 7 from The Chosen Season 4 with this comprehensive study guide. This episode is a rollercoaster of joy and sorrow, highlighting Jesus' incredible miracle that brings immense joy to one family while simultaneously igniting a plot to end His life. The rich and joyous message of the Gospel of belief is clearly communicated, promising future resurrection and eternal life to all who believe in Jesus.

Designed to bolster a Christian's faith, this study guide delves deep into the episode's themes, providing insightful reflections and thought-provoking questions. It challenges Jesus' followers today to remain focused on eternal things amid temporal struggles. Perfect for individual study or group discussions, this guide will enhance your understanding of the profound messages conveyed in Episode 7. Strengthen your faith and deepen your connection to the timeless teachings of Jesus with The Chosen Season 4 Episode 7 Study Guide.

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The Chosen Season 4 Episode 7 Study Guide